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Property Investment Australia

About PCA

At Property Consulting Australia we help our clients to build wealth through strategic investing, managing the entire process and making property investing simple!
We are property investment consultants based on the Mornington Peninsula and operate Australia wide to ensure our clients get the best properties in the right location.
We pride ourselves on taking a client-first approach, taking the time to understand where you are at and where you want to be in the future, then we help you create a strategy to achieve your goals and live life on your own terms!


Our Story

Claire Shearman and Patricia Zurrer specialise in helping clients build successful Property Portfolios. Their company, Property Consulting Australia (PCA), is a family owned business based on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria. The property investment  Australia team’s approach is personal, taking clients through each step of the investment process to determine what is possible for them.

Claire (Owner of PCA) founded Property Consulting Australia in 2014 and, after many years in the industry, is passionate about helping clients achieve their own personal goals through property investing. Through her years of experience, Claire saw the need for a more stress free, ethical, and individually geared strategy for her clients.

Claire is an Entrepreneur, Director of PCA, and Founder of her Charity “Max on a Mission”, Business Partner in the Elemental Offices, and Proud mother of 4 children. Claire is a woman who knows what it takes to build yourself from nothing, achieving huge success in life, family and business.

Claire is an active investor herself and works with developers, builders and the property investment Australia team to find and negotiate the best performing opportunities for her clients.

Patricia (Managing Director of PCA) bought her first investment property when she was 23 years old and continues to invest in property today. Patricia loves helping her clients to minimise risks and maximise opportunities when investing in property all over Australia. Completing a Double Degree in Business and Communications and building a positively geared property portfolio, Patricia has helped 100’s of clients invest with confidence.

Recommended by Mortgage Brokers, Accountants and Financial Planners – Patricia is always working with clients on how they can find the right property and invest strategically.

Patricia has a positively geared Property Portfolio herself and joined the property investment Australia team in April 2016 to help clients understand how to minimise risk and maximise opportunities when it comes to investing in property.

Our Why

At PCA there’s nothing we love more then seeing others live their best life! 

The property investment Australia team loves property for a lot of reasons, but by far our favourite thing about property is its ability to help people create wealth and live life on their own terms!   

By helping our clients build a diversified and sustainable portfolio of high-quality properties, they have financial security for their family, a better quality of life and the freedom to choose how they spend their time as they pay down the debt and receive a passive income. That’s what the property investment Australia team is all about, helping everyday Australians get their time back and live life on their own terms! 

The best part?

Our service is FREE!

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