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About PCA

At Property Consulting Australia we help our clients to build wealth through strategic investing, managing the entire process and making property investing simple!
We are property investment consultants based on the Mornington Peninsula and operate Australia wide to ensure our clients get the best properties in the right location.
We pride ourselves on taking a client-first approach, taking the time to understand where you are at and where you want to be in the future, then we help you create a strategy to achieve your goals and live life on your own terms!


Our Story

For the past ten years, PCA has been at the forefront of supporting property investors with bespoke strategies and comprehensive property searches across Australia.

Patricia Zurrer (Owner / Director of PCA) bought her first investment property when she was 23 years old and is passionate about helping clients achieve their own personal goals through property investing. 

What sets PCA apart is their commitment to partnership over transaction.  Unlike many in the industry, they don’t align with specific builders or developers, nor do they rely on membership structures.  Instead, they’re 100% focused on understanding each client’s unique needs and meticulously scouring the country for the perfect property fit – the ‘gold nugget’ properties Patricia calls them.

At the core of PCA’s ethos is the concept of family – a value deeply ingrained in Patricia’s own journey.  As the youngest of nine siblings, she embarked on her property investment voyage at the age of 23 years and built a successful Investment Portfolio, including a home for her mother on the Mornington Peninsula. Fast Forward to 2016, after a fulfilling yet demanding career in National Equine Physiotherapy sales, Patricia seized the opportunity to join forces with her sister, who founded PCA, and partner in its growth.  After back-to-back growth years and improving the client experience and results, Patricia’s decision to pursue sole ownership of PCA in 2024 reflects her dedication to both the business and her family.

Completing a Double Degree in Business and Communications with Majors in both Tax Law and Accounting, Patricia is recommended by Mortgage Brokers, Accountants and Financial Planners and has helped 100’s of clients understand the numbers and invest in confidence.

Patricia loves working with clients on how they can avoid the common mistakes and pitfalls of investing in Property, and help them to invest strategically by finding the right investment properties to achieve their investment goals.

Our Why

Patricia and her team are driven by a genuine purpose – to empower more investors annually, regardless of age or background and support a new generation of investors to diversify their wealth building. “We want to encourage more people to become investors in quality property, which in today’s environment of increased lending interest rates and insufficient rental housing, is so needed”.

PCA’s approach, focused on fostering long-term relationships and client advocacy, has proven immensely successful, with 90% of their clientele being repeat investors or referrals from clients and trusted professionals. PCA are now starting to see a second generation of family members seek out their support. This has meant they haven’t had to invest heavily in marketing, “our philosophy is to create ‘raving fans’ – helping them find the best performing properties, and then they’ll tell all their family and friends!”. This showcases what, a relentless focus on great client experience and resulting customer advocacy, can do for any business.

As one client put it, “we are so highly grateful and really happy because of your extreme cleverness.” Patricia’s expertise, coupled with her warmth and knowledge, makes her an invaluable resource for anyone curious about property investment.

The best part?

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