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Patricia Zurrer

Owner / Managing Director

As the Managing Director of Property Consulting Australia, Patricia is a highly - skilled leader who successfully leads the PCA team to develop a comprehensive range of services that are tailored to each individual client’s needs. From the initial discovery and strategy consultations to selecting the right property. Patricia is passionate about providing the highest quality service and is always looking for ways to improve the client experience. She is an excellent communicator who is able to build strong relationships with clients, colleagues and industry contacts. She also has extensive knowledge of the property industry and is committed to helping PCA's clients make informed decisions about their investments. As a successful investor, Patricia combines her experience and knowledge of the industry to help PCA's clients benefit from the property market. She enjoys spending time her spare time riding horses, travelling, skiing and enjoying the great outdoors with her family.

Rod Humphrey

Acquisitions Manager

In a contractual role, Rod brings his engineering background and 25 years of experience and knowledge in all aspects of the Australian Property Investment industry to PCA in his capacity as Acquisitions Manager, sourcing the best possible investment stock to suit individual client requirements, from a broad network of quality land developers and builders -- all of which Rod personally researches, inspects and evaluates. As a valued mentor to PCA from its outset, Rod shares, promotes, and assists PCA’s objective of providing the best possible client outcomes via selected property investment strategies and quality investment properties in growth locations, which Rod sources exclusively for PCA. Rod and wife Maureen who reside in Qld, having recently celebrated their 51st wedding anniversary spend their spare time catching up with their 3 children and 6 grandchildren.

Nicole Harvey

Operations & Marketing Manager

A passion for real estate and extensive experience in corporate sales has paved the way for Nicole’s position as Operations and Marketing Manager at Property Consulting Australia. Nicole leads by example and enjoys working closely with a dynamic team to achieve successful results for all PCA clients. Having bought and sold several properties herself, over the past few years she has also started building her own property investment portfolio. Known for her calm, personable manner, Nicole prides herself on providing a professional, customised service. She believes in creating a balance between her professional and personal life, and this is what drives her to provide the best possible service to our clients. She enjoys spending her spare time with her husband and two children, socialising with family and friends, travelling, reading and going to the gym.

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