How is your service free?

At PCA we have a unique model where we act on behalf of the client while getting paid by the Builder. For some people this may set off alarm bells as there are a lot of companies out there that claim to be ‘Investment Strategists’ working on behalf of the client when really they are contracted to sell specific developments. That’s not us! We are not contracted to sell any specific stock, instead we act independently, identifying certain areas we like across Australia and then picking and choosing the best properties for our clients. When we find a property that’s suitable for our clients needs, we will present it to them and if they decide to purchase we get paid a commission from the builder. This way the builder doesn’t have to pay to employ sales or marketing staff and we don’t have to charge our clients a fee for our service. Win, win, win!

Are you contracted to sell specific stock/do you have a stock list?

 No way! We are not contracted to sell any specific properties, this is how we are able to make tailored recommendations for our clients as we can find an area we like with new builds homes and developments and pick and choose the properties that suite our clients circumstances. We only choose developments that have a very strong Owner-Occupier to Investor ratio to keep the prestige and growth in an area. Limited supply is more important that demand rate, and we certainly don’t want you to invest with 1000 other investors.

Buyers Agent vs. Investment Strategist and which one are we?

A Buyers Agent is like a Real Estate Agent working on behalf of the buyer. They will help their clients to find a specific type of property and guide them through the acquisition process. They are usually given a brief of what the client is looking for and they then find properties that fit that brief. Buyers Agents tend to deal more in established properties and will have a very in-depth knowledge of a certain area/market. 

An Investment Strategist on the other hand will help you to formulate a property investment strategy based on your current situation and future goals. An Investment Strategist takes a look at the bigger picture and helps their clients to build a diversified and sustainable portfolio of properties. Their focus is more on the broader market trends and area analysis to identify markets that are likely to achieve growth in the near-medium term. Investment Strategists will often work with Buyers Agents to find specific properties and better understand a certain market.

At PCA we classify ourselves as Investment Strategists as our focus is on helping our clients build a sustainable portfolio over the long term and achieve their financial goals.


How long does the process take?

Each client is different and we can cater to your pace, however, good
properties that are on the market usually don’t last long. Once we have an Expression of
Interest, that places the property on hold while we finalise your finance.
Generally speaking;
– Discovery to Strategy: 1-2 weeks
– Expression of Interest to Contract: 1 – 4 weeks
– Finance approval: 3-4 weeks
– Settlement: 3 weeks from finance approval
– Permits: 4-8 weeks
– Build: 8-12 months depending on development

How do you decide where is a good area to invest?

 When considering an area to invest, we analyse current and past data and statistics to see if the area has the right characteristics to achieve sustainable growth over the long term and to identify where the area is in it’s growth cycle so we can determine if it’s likely to experience growth in the near-term. When analysing an area we consider Micro and Macro factors such as Demographics, Employment, Gentrification signs, Local and State investment, Business activity, Infrastructure, Area amenities, Proximity to major employment hubs and much much more. All of this data is brought together to create a picture of where an area is at and whether it has the right fundamentals to grow in value.

Can you refer a Mortgage broker and Accountant?

Yes we can! We work with a bunch of talented, Investment-savvy mortgage brokers, accountants, property managers, real estate agents and more on a daily basis and we often make introductions for our clients.

Where do you operate?

We are based on the Mornington Peninsula and research Australia Wide to find the best performing investment opportunities to meet our clients criteria

Where have you helped clients to invest?

We have helped clients invest in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia and Tasmania. We’ve mostly been investing across the East Coast due to the  proximity to Australia’s major cities, infrastructure investment, population growth and strong demand in certain areas. 

How have your clients properties performed?
The following is just a few of the Investment Property location areas we have researched and helped clients into with a 4 bedroom Investment Property over the last 7 years.
Across all PCA Investments, we have had an average Capital Growth of 10.8% per annum as opposed to the National average of 6.4% in Australia, with the majority of the growth achieved in the first 1-3 years.




What are the benefits of building a New Home?

In line with our “set and forget” strategy for our investors, when it comes to hassle free investing, building a new home has many benefits including huge savings on stamp duty, warranties on the build and appliances for peace of mind, higher rents and new homes attract a better class of tenants, plus improved tax utilisation, where you can depreciate the building while the land appreciates.

Do you suggest 'Off the plan' apartments?

No, we never recommend off the plan apartments. Off the plan apartments are inferior investments that when completed are often different to what the buyer thought they were getting and more often than not are worth less than the buyer originally paid!

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